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“Above and beyond cleaning...Domestic Bliss came to my rescue in a time of need and despair. I had a small problem of getting a bedroom suite delivered to my Toronto residence. Krysta and Ray took on the task of getting it safely delivered, by hiring a mover to pick up and arrived safely! Domestic Bliss definitely knows customer service. Since then my husband Bob passed away. And I was back and forth to Toronto and they kept up the upkeep of the pool and lawn...and got the house ready for sold in two days!! Krysta and Ray are not only awesome cleaners...they were good friends, and attended the funeral...even packing my house for moving. Trust me when I say: They went "above and beyond". My only problem is that I have moved...and I wish I had their services here.”
(Lee C., Markham, ON)


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Our Cleaning Philosophy

We're not your average cleaning company. We're a married couple who has focused their cleaning company on providing exceptional customer service. Cleaning is customer service. It's in your home, with your belongings and your pets and your children.

We believe in the "above and beyond". Other cleaning companies may charge you extra for the "first clean" or add hidden charges for last-minute requirements or simply skip the "extras". We believe in getting the job done and won't nitpick over the finer points.

We're about providing you with that first moment of "bliss" when you walk in the door. That moment when you inhale and look around and smile. Why? Because we're focused on providing our customers first and foremost with customer service. To accomplish that we communicate regularly with you. Ask you how things are, find out what you need from a cleaner (and for everyone it's different), know your routines, and talk to your pets.

That's our difference: we listen, we care, and we clean.



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