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“Domestic Bliss was recommended to us by a friend over three years ago, and in turn we've been so happy with their services, we have recommended them several times. Krysta and Ray both believe in good communication being key to a great service. We arrive home to a kitchen and bathrooms that sparkle, and everything is just the way we like it...Perfect! There is always a special touch, a Domestic Bliss signature touch: a specially folded afghan blanket on the sofa or tailored rolled towels. We love the way they take the time to make it right. We are not sure who looks more forward: our dog, or us!”
(Sharon T., Ottawa-Orleans)


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Below are some of the more common questions we are asked. Feel free to contact us for any other questions you may have.

How much time will it take to clean my home?

It depends on the number of rooms you want cleaned, the type of rooms, your cleaning requirements, and any special requirements. But we will achieve a superb clean within less time that your average maid can complete a MEDIOCRE clean. We care about the details. Read our customer testimonials on this site, or even better call our customers and ask them. We always go "above and beyond".

I have a dog(s) / cat(s), are you pet friendly?

We're pet owners. We know that other people probably have pets too. In fact, many of our current clients have dogs and cats. In all seriousness: We respect your rules around your pets at all times. That means if they're scraping at the back door to go out, we'll let them out. If you said it was okay. We've had dogs chase vacuum cleaners and curiously watch us clean (and then get bored and go to bed). Big or small dogs we don't care. If you're concerned, during our initial home interview we'll meet your pets and go over your comfort-level with our interaction with them.

How will you access my home if I'm away?

Typically clients provide us with keys and alarm codes at our initial interview visit. If possible, we'd actually prefer our own alarm code, that way you know when we've entered your home and left. But the choice is yours.

Can we be home when you clean?

Of course. We work around your schedule. If you're gone, you're gone. If you're home, you're home. We often find when clients are home it's a great time to talk about our cleaning service, discuss any changes, and generally catch up.

How do we pay for your service?

We usually set up a pre-determined area to "leave payments". Clients often prefer leaving a personal check. We can talk about that at our initial interview.

It's our "first" clean, is there an additional charge?

It depends. Often the first time clean takes longer to degrease and sanitize and get the clean to a sparkling result that Domestic Bliss is satisfied's possible the rate will be reflected in the "extra" effort...but once we understand your house and your cleaning needs we'll set up a fixed rate. We can discuss this at your initial interview and work out what's best with you.

Is there one person or a team of cleaners?

Depends on the situation and who's available...typically you'll always have either a "Ray-team" or a "Krysta-team" (and sometimes both Ray and Krysta together). It depends on the jobs that day, and the size of home and amount of cleaning needed. We've sent anywhere from one person to up to a team of four.



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